Unlike the other Britannica programs, Pathways Science has a special teacher logon to access the teacher resources.  The Pathways Science teacher accounts provides access to teacher tips and resources, plus it allows teachers to save different sessions, in case they want to spread a module over a couple class periods.  Please share these instructions with all Arkansas science teachers. 


Teachers can create their own accounts, using a secret code for Arkansas teachers. 

Secret Arkansas Code    6A180EB7C8F03751         (do not share with students)


1)      To setup an account, go to .  If needed, enter your school’s Britannica password. 

2)      Click “Teacher Login” in the upper right.

3)      Click “Sign up” and enter the requested information. 

4)      Copy/paste or enter the 6A180EB7C8F03751 code into the “School Code” box, and click OK. 

5)      When you are logged in as a teacher, you will see your username in the upper right, and the Teacher Materials button is activated.  As you go through the Pathways Science modules, you’ll see a “Teacher” button with tips at each step in the inquiry process.  You can click “Save” in the bottom right to save different sessions as you go through them. 


Please contact Britannica Technical Support with any questions. 


                Phone  (800) 621-3900 x7160


Britannica Technical Support can also automatically generate teacher accounts for Pathways Science if any districts or co-ops provide a spreadsheet list of teachers.  Teacher lists can be emailed to with a request for Pathways Science teacher accounts. 


Pathways Science is provided free of charge to all Arkansas schools, thanks to the Arkansas Department of Education.  Free training webinars for Pathways Science are available at and archive recordings of webinars are available at .